Why is it important to use Original Spare Parts?

Ensuring that your top-notch equipment remains in excellent running condition for an extended period of time requires its regular upkeep. Not only does this include periodic maintenance from professionals but also the use of original spare parts in case of a replacement. But, if non-original spare parts are available easily and at a fraction of the cost of original spares, why do renowned companies insist that you use original spare parts? Let’s find out.


Original spare parts ensure a seamless replacement without any hiccups and smooth working of your equipment. On the other hand, the use of non original spare parts leaves your equipment open to the risk of compromised quality.


Equipment work best with parts that are part of the original design. The use of original spare parts ensures the proper functioning of equipment for an extended period of time, thus maintaining its durability and reliability.


Original parts are equipped with warranties that secure your investment and make replacement easy in the event of a defect or damage. Moreover, most warranties may not include damage caused by the use of non-original parts.

Quality Concerns

With original spare parts, you can be sure of the genuineness and high quality. Procuring non-original parts raises concerns about the possibility of substandard quality parts that may damage your equipment.

Performance Perks

Using original spare parts ensures your equipment continues to perform optimally and as intended, as against the use of non-original parts that may compromise the performance of the equipment.


Choosing original spare parts over non-original or third-party ones may prima facie appear costlier. However, potential future costs such as repairs, replacements and downtime due to the use of substandard parts can wipe out these savings.

You can’t take chances when it comes to your equipment. The use of original spare parts benefits your equipment and production in the short and long term. That is why, at Pratham Technologies, we insist on the use of original spare parts for your state-of-the- art equipment. Besides ensuring the use of genuine spare parts in the event of a technical issue, opting for Pratham’s well-designed AMCs at competitive prices ensures hassle-free service when you need it the most. With all-year-round services by professional personnel that cover four visits including two breakdown visits at short notice, Pratham’s AMCs ensure equipment longevity, minimize downtime, enhance the safety of your equipment and ensure timely maintenance that gets your system up and running in record time. So, place your equipment in our expert hands and say goodbye to machinery misadventures!
To know more about genuine spares and our cost-effective AMCs, write to us at: support@prathamtech.com

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