Pratham Superfold

SuperPrint 150

Specially Designed for
2D Code & Checking

Pratham Superfold

SuperPrint 150

Outsert accessory

Specially Designed for
2D Code & Checking
literature Folding Samples

SuperPrint 150

We manufacture the modular Outsert Folding Systems, introduced in 2018. We Have made 18 installations worldwide. Our machines covers everything from 10 to 24 folds with Round Pile Feeder and 10 to 18 folds with Flat Pile feeder option with serialization printing and inspection facility.
SUPERPRINT 150 is equipped with a jogger, high resolution printer unit, smart camera based inspection system and ejection unit at the end of conveyor to collect faulty samples in locked box. A smart reconciliation system ensures that all finished samples are collected in to the collection unit.

SuperPrint 150

Salient Features

  • Flat jogger device is used to align the tilted edges of the Outsert samples.
  • High resolution printing with TIJ Printer.
  • Industrial grade optics for inspection of 1D, 2D, pharma code and bar code.
  • US FDA 21 CFR compliant reporting system.
  • Proper user management and reports generation.
  • Mistake proofing at ejection that will not allow the wrong one to pass.
  • Arrest the various modes of wrongly folded samples.
  • Facility for stopping parent machine in case of continuous/consecutive faults.
  • IPC based system, easy to operate and set the job.
  • It can carry all GS1 keys and attributes.
  • Minimum 28mm size samples are possible.
  • Easy to plug and start.

SuperPrint 150

Technical Specification

Max Size 150 X 90 mm
Min. Size 28 X 28 mm
Thickness 3 mm to 16 mm
Speed Max 30 m/min
Substrate Bible/Maplitho
Min. folding 28 mm
Total Power 220 VAC, Single Phase
Weight 100 to 150 kg
Area 1400 (L) X 975 (W) X 1150 (H) mm

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