How to choose the right Paper-Folding Machine for your needs?

Saving time and increasing efficiency are the buzzwords for success today. Opting for the right paper-folding machine helps you streamline your huge workflow, complete your work in minutes instead of hours, reduce manpower involvement and fatigue and ensure a fine finish. Here’s what you need to consider while choosing a paper-folding machine that can be a game-changer for your business.
  1. Volume of work: Consider the volume of your folding requirements – at present and also in the future. If the volume of work is high, you would probably need to go for a heavy-duty machine. Ask the manufacturer about the daily/hourly output of the machine. To get a clear idea of the volume of work, you can take into account the following points:
    • Annual run sheet size
    • Extended capacity that you may require in future
    • Future industry trends
  2. Types of folds: Different folding machines are designed to create different types of folds, such as letter folds, half folds, double parallel folds, accordion folds, Z-folds, right angle folds, or gate folds. Consider the types of folds that you will need to create in your work and choose a machine that can handle them. Also check for adjustable settings to accommodate a variety of folds. At Pratham, we recommend to provide your requirement with folding pattern to check the machine is suited to handling the type of folds you require. If not, we can provide you with a customized solution.
  1. Paper size, weight, and thickness: Make sure that the folding machine you choose can handle the size, weight and thickness of the paper you will use. Consider industry trends and specific customer requirements. Some machines are designed for smaller sheets, while others can handle larger paper sizes. Here, you also need to take into account the use of different types of paper like coated and non-coated paper, maplitho paper, coated/ art paper, bond paper, glossy paper, etc.
    Check out a few popular paper options below. Also take a look at Pratham’s Insert and Outsert machines, which are known for their operational efficiency.
  1. Folding capacity: The folding capacity of a machine refers to the number of sheets of paper that it can fold at one time. Consider the volume of paper that you will be folding and choose a machine with a folding capacity that can accommodate your needs. For example, at Pratham, here’s the folding machine range:
Insert Folder

Outsert Folder

  1. Speed: The speed of a folding machine is measured in meters per minute. If you have a high volume of paper to fold, you may want to choose a machine with a higher speed to increase your productivity. For example, at Pratham, the machines in our Outserts line have a paper folding speed of 150 m per minute while the Inserts have a speed of 135 m per minute.
  2. Additional Features: Folding machines come with additional features, such as the ability to fold multiple sheets at once, adjustment of the fold types, or even adding of perforations or scoring to the paper. Consider what features are important to your work and choose a machine with those features. Here are some of the additional features that Pratham offers.
    1. User-friendly job setting and easily operable with less training
    2. Proper roller gap setting adjustment by calliper
    3. Silent and noise-free belt drive for a smooth run
    4. Noise suppression hoods for noise control
    5. Creasing or perforation on the folded leaflet is possible during the run
    6. Both side inspection is possible to avoid mix-up and blank sheets
    7. Mechanical ejection resulting in a smooth, non-stop operation
    8. Ease of maintenance
    9. Side lay registration for accuracy in folds
  3. Maintenance and After-sales Support: The promise of maintenance and after-sales support is essential to your peace of mind and to ensure uptime. Choose a manufacturer who can reach you quickly in case of repairs and offer online troubleshooting. Also, confirm if the machine’s spare parts are readily available and how soon they can be shipped to you. At Pratham, our machines work round-the-clock across the globe and our customers come back for more, knowing that their maintenance and technical support needs are covered.

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