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Values that define Pratham

Technological innovations and R&D has made Pratham a pioneer of paper folding machine making in India. We have a repeat figure of more than 60%, which reflects the standard we have set in the industry.

Listed below are the mission statements that remain intrinsic to our growth and make makes us strive to reach the top!

Pratham Tech People Care

1.People Care

The most important principle that drives Pratham is the care and love we have for our employees. We believe in the ideology that it is the head of the family’s prerogative to look after their kin. From flexible work hours, rewarding schemes, employee development, to welfare - our people care plan is all encompassing and certainly one among the best in the industry.

Pratham Tech Blog Customer Relationship

2. Excellent Customer Relationship

A satisfied customer is very important for the overall growth of a company. From industry-first standards that are close to being patented, we have an array of pharmaceutical companies that swear by our machine quality and durability. To make the whole procedure foolproof, we have incorporated an end to end AMC plan to provide continuous service in case of any malfunction. We value our clients and it shows in how we care for them.

Pratham Tech Blog Global perspective

3. Global Perspective

The global market has many players like us but this doesn’t deter us. It only makes us strive for betterment and encourages us to reach unimaginable heights. Our technology is at par with global organizations and our product reach is spread far and wide across the globe.

Pratham Tech Blog Can do attitude

4. Can Do Attitude

The spirit of never giving up is enshrined in our DNA. It is this policy that propels us to scale heights. We face challenges chin up. Our products set a precedent in industry standards and are a case in point for others to achieve. Our R&D unit comprises hand-picked talent from the best colleges spread across the country. It is the coming together of these minds that make our products the most sought after. Continuously adapting to newer modes of technology and making life convenient for our customers is what we stand for.

Pratham Tech Blog Leverage Prove Contribute

5. Leverage, Prove, Contribute to India

We take pride in our roots. From raw materials to the creative minds working in our units, we believe in sourcing Indian and employing Indian. Our Make in India policy has leveraged our brand among peers. A self - reliant India is what will propel it to heights of greatness, and make it a superpower. For this, the contribution and drive is supposed to come from within and we at Pratham are doing our bit for the same. And this has put our products in the global spectrum, with best in class products.

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