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Being able to push the limits of a machine to deliver more – speed, accuracy and output – is every man’s dream. Machine life expectancy tops this list and is one of the most important factors considered while making the purchase. It may not always be possible to extend the machine’s technical limits but following a few easy tips and tricks can go a long way in increasing the life span of your machine.

Sanjay Dandekar, Technical Director at Pratham Technologies, gives 5 tips to help you make the Superfold Outsert Machine serve you longer.

About the machine

With the introduction of the Superfold Outsert in 2015, Pratham earned the title of the first and only non-German company in the world to manufacture an outsert system. The five-year-old machine is a rage with pharmaceutical packaging printers in more than 10 countries.

The machine is available in various configurations. You can choose the number of outsert systems you want – from 10 to 24 – and also pick between a flat and round feeder. It has an inserts folding range of 6 to10 folds and its 1 to 3 knife option makes it modular.

Tips for a healthy machine

  1. Shop for what you need

    Always make sure the machine you pick is loaded with all the features that your set-up requires and your shopfloor is equipped to house it. Consider everything from machine speed and space it occupies to its output capacity and power requirement. This will help keep the machine continuously running to its full capacity and avoid dormancy and spells of inactivity. For instance, you can add the specially designed Turn conveyor to save space or opt for the 16 mm thicker job with 3 knives setup on the Superfold Outsert system.

  1. Play by the rules

    A jugaad here, a trick there may seem to work for you just fine but it is only for the time being. We can’t stress enough on how important it is to adhere to the input specifications mentioned for the machine. Every machine is designed to handle a certain sheet thicknesses, grade of the paper, power source etc. and following it to the tee is essential to keep the Superfold Outsert machine operational for a long, long time. Make use of the smart monitoring system on the machine to generate job-specific data – number of papers needed, time to start running the job in non-stop or continuous mode etc.

  1. General upkeep

    The day isn’t over with the end of an order completion. Treat your machine with love and care. The basic folding machines are equipped with sturdy rollers running in well- greased needle bearings. Clean it, grease it, maintain it and make it shine! It’s easy and inexpensive. Replace spares regularly to reduce down time as well as total cost of ownership. These are locally available and cost effective.

  1. Take the hint

    If you listen closely, machines talk. It may be onomatopoeic but it is still a conversation and you must listen. The sensitive and ultra- fast jam detection feature on the Superfold Outsert machine does the job for you. It alerts the user well in advance and prevents damages to the machine. Keep an eye out for anything amiss and out of the ordinary sounds that emanate from the machine and you will be on the top of the maintenance game.

  1. Help us to help you

    A sure shot step to improve the longevity of your equipment is following the planned maintenance schedule. While you take care of your delivery and output schedules, the interactive Human Machine interface provided on the Superfold Outsert machine charts out a maintenance plan taking into consideration your usage and capacity. Following this schedule will ensure longer life of important parts and reduced down time of the machine.

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